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W E L C O M E  !



to the upcoming book:

Prologue to the iPhone Art Photography

by portuguese poet
Paulo Jose Miranda

Space has always been the Visual Arts’ greatest problem when trying to reach people.

Art did not come to you,
You had to go to art:
to the gallery, to the museum, anywhere…

With the iPhone Art Photography,
photography comes to you.
At last, just as with the music inthe iPod,
you have galleries in the palm of your hand.

And the art in the palm of your hand
May be made this precise moment
on the other side of the world,
reaching you while you wait your turn
to enter the museum.

Space, time and creation join iPhone Art Photography.
Here and now, hic et nunc esse,
and forever.

iPhone Art Photography –
Human beings sharing beauty.

Paulo José Miranda

translation Daly Oliveira



Prologo para iPhone Art Photography

Paulo Jose Miranda, poeta

O espaço sempre foi o grande problema

que as artes visuais encontraram na sua tentativa de chegar as pessoas.
A arte não vinha até você,
você tinha de ir até à arte:
até à galeria, até ao museu, até algum lugar…
Com a iPhone Art Photography
a fotografia chega até você.
Finalmente, à imagem da música com o iPod,
você tem galerias na palma da mão.
E a arte na palma da sua mão
pode estar a ser realizada neste preciso momento
na outra parte do mundo,
chegando até você enquanto espera
a sua vez de entrar no museu…
Espaço, tempo e criação unem-se com iPhone Art Photography.
Aqui e agora, hic et nunc esse,
e para sempre.
iPhone Art Photography
humanos trocando beleza.
Paulo José Miranda


Paulo Jose Miranda is a portuguese poet who won the 1st Saramago prize



Prolog zu der iPhone Art Photography
vom portugiesischem Dichter
Paulo Jose Miranda

Der Raumbegriff war schon immer ein Hindernis der bildenden Künste
um an die Menschen zu gelangen.
Die Kunst kam nicht zu dir,
du musstest zur Kunst gehen:
in die Galerie, ins Museum, irgendwohin…

Mit iPhone Art Photography
kommt die Fotografie zu dir.
Endlich, wie die Musik im iPod,
hast du Galerien in deiner Hand.
Und die Kunst in deiner Hand
kann gerade jetzt am andern Ende der Welt entstehen,
und sie kommt zu dir noch bevor du das Museum betreten hast.

Raum, Zeit, Schöpfung vereint mit iPhone Art Photography.
Hier und jetzt, hic et nunc esse,
und für alle Zeiten.

iPhone Art Photography –
Die Begegnung der Menschen
mit dem Schönen.

Paulo José Miranda

Uebersetzung: Daly Oliveira


the 2nd comment on the prologue to the upcoming book

‘finalmente  uma  câmera  fotográfica  com  telefone!’

“finally a photocamera with a telephone”

joao simoes


the 3rd notice:

“in  conspectu  artis  supremae”  (lat) “facing the utmost kind of art.”


put everything under your perspective, get beneath your point of view,
deepening life, while showing others what your watching as you get along.
António de Castro Caeiro
Prof. Auxiliar c/ Agregação da FCSH/UNL


my consciousness is impressed


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